Here you find the most frequentially asked questions regarding the Tipster app and our answers to them. Have a look at our tutorial video to be sure, that you know all the functions. If this site doesn’t anser your question, please send us a mail to support@tipster.de. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible!
What can I do if I don't remember the password of my customer card?
You can set your password at a terminal in your store. If that doesn’t work, please contact the store staff.
Can I change the password for my customer card via the app?
No, you can only change the password of your customer card at a terminal in your store.
Why isn't my debit shown on the homepage anymore?
You can go to your “Profile” and activate the option “Show debit”. If that doesn’t work, please try to log out and back in.
Why can I only see betting slips that I played in the last 10 days when going to "My bets" → "Closed"?
Under “My bets” in the tab “Closed” you can see all your valued betting slips with a timestamp less than 10 days old. All your older betting slips can be found in your “Profile” => “My account” => “Betting history”.

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